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    Music by Glass at Metropolitan Museum
    "Ms. Bachmann played Mr. Glass's Sonata for Violin and Piano with the kind of intensity and ardor normally reserved for Romantic fare...deliriously beautiful sound and expressive spirit. ”
    The New York Times, June 14, 2011

    Red Violin CD: BBC Magazine's North American CD of the Month
    "...thrilling abandon that never compromises absolute technical command."
    BBC Music Magazine

    " Innovative programming and exuberant playing.....a confident performer
    and thoughtful artist...equally profound and sultry."
    Gramaphone Magazine

Orange Mountain Music

Excerpts from Fanfare Magazine Review

"Glass's Sonata in three movements seems to be constructed from the same characteristic, recognizable repetition of melodic and rhythmic cells for which his work has become known. After a short gypsy-like introduction, the first movement builds intensity through successive ostinati. The slow movement allows the violinist to deploy espressive devices native to the instrument such as expressive shifts...a sense of luxurious almost decadent richness....hauntingly romantic. The third movement beings with four note patterns recalling Einstein on the Beach, but the movement heats up quickly, and frequent double stops and octaves enhance the violinistic impression created by the other movements."

" In Schubert's Sonata in A major, Bachmann displays a peacock-like variety of timbre with subtle rhythmic nuances that are idiomatic and consistently interesting...commanding and suggestively lyrical. Ravel's Posthumous Sonata is stark and allusive, and Bachmann explores virtually every tonal resource of her instrument and creates a haunting atmosphere."

"Strongly recommended for recorded sound that transmits the subtlety and dynamic range of the performances, for repertoire astutely chosen to illuminate the program's central work, the Sonata by Philip Glass, and for insightful readings of Schubert's and Ravel's Sonatas."
- Fanfare Magazine, April 2011

Corigliano Festival ends in style, drawing large crowd to Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park
May 31, 2010
"Maria Bachmann proved a most persuasive advocate of The Red Violin, her sterling technique handling all the myriad technical landmines, and bringing refined expression to the lyrical passages."
Chicago Classical Review, May 31, 2010

World Premiere of Paul Moravec Violin Concerto
May 22, 2010
"...near boundless expressive freedom...violinist Maria Bachmann projected the music's emotionalism, and dazzlingly attenuated the final movement in a mounting cauldron of rhythm."
The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 25, 2010

The Red Violin cd: BBC Magazine's
"North American CD of the Month"
"This programme demands interpretive and dynamic flexibility of exceptional sensitivity and Maria Bachmann proves more than equal to the task with a range of tonal shadings and exquisite bow- work that ensures these coruscating scores tingle with life and energy ...thrilling abandon that never compromises absolute technical command."
-BBC Music Magazine May 2007 ***** Performance ***** Sound

"The texture might remind you of Mozart, but there were times that were pure Schubert...a sense of forward motion, building tension very subtly without going to the extremes...stunning."

" Innovative programming and exuberant playing.....a confident performer and thoughtful artist, Bachmann explodes into (Ariel Fantasy) with vibrant bowstrokes ....she has an affinity for the spicy, fast-paced and bluesy elements in music...equally profound and sultry."
-Gramaphone Magazine Oct 2007

“Maria Bachmann gives a ravishing performance of my Red Violin Chaconne! Maria is an aristocratic marvel. She has a perfect technique, but more importantly, she understands how to tell music to an audience so that they understand what the composer really had in mind. This is a rare gift. ”
- John Corigliano

"Bachmann and Klibonoff play with electrifying energy and crisp articulation. The duo achieves a tour-de-force in the Ravel Sonata Blues Movement....even the listener works up a sweat. In Corigliano's Red Violin Chaconne, Bachmann favors its enraptured darker side....she brings the piece to an overpowering conclusion."

-Fanfare Magazine (July/August 2007)

Just In.....
"Philip Glass Appears on final concert of Telluride MusicFest"
"...it is obvious that she (Maria Bachmann) is a supremely gifted player. The fact she is Hungarian performing the music
of a countryman will add something special to the Kodaly. You will hear what I am talking about in the richness of her phrasing and the depth of her melodic line."
-Philip Glass, Telluride Daily Planet June 12, 2008

Music Review: Vivaldi Concertos at Zankel Hall
"Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in D minor (RV 248) and the Concerto in
B flat (RV 363, “Il Corneto da Posta”) were both performed with virtuoso flair and striking energy by the fiery violinist Maria Bachmann. "
The New York Times, June 6, 2008

“By far the most exciting young violinist around”
- New York Daily News

“A rare violinist….she embraces a wide variety of styles with absolute confidence…..crisply lean, warmly lyrical, and unexpectedly sensuous”
- The New York Times

“Astonishing in every musical and technical regard”
- Boston Globe

“A violinist of soul and patrician refinement”
- The New York Times

“Musical in everything she touches...wonderfully evocative, beautifully executed, and filled with energy.”
- Washington Post

“Brilliant instrumental command”
- Billboard Magazine

“ …a performing style that revisits a sweet-scented immediacy more typical of previous generations…a bright, winsome tone and a heart-warming manner”
- Gramaphone ( U.K.)

“A first-class violinist with a lively musical mind - her accuracy of intonation and pliant control over dynamics in the extreme high range is astonishing”
- Boston Globe

“One of Bachmann’s gifts is the ability to make new works sound familiar, and familiar works seem new....a talent to be prized.....ravishing, and unusually picturesque.”
- The New York Times

“It was clear that Bachmann has the expressive capacity, the poise and technical wherewithal to be placed among a very select group of musicians...extraordinary refinement in everything she played….a seamless, flowing lyricism and an unusually silken tone.”
- Los Angeles Times

“Lean, intense, stylish and compelling.”
- New York Daily News

“Bachmann’s sound is strong and sagely varied, her technique admirably facile and immaculate, and all of her playing is marked by intelligent musicianship.”
- Strad Magazine

“Bachmann’s splendid, unostentatious technique always serves the music; she plays with complete emotional involvement and a natural, intense expressiveness; the enchanting purity of her tone makes the music float and soar....”
- Classical Pulse

Haunting be may a much used word when describing violin virtuosos but it’s an accurate description of the sound of Maria Bachmann.”
- Classic CD

“Bachmann performed with passion, elegance, dreamy violinistic lyricism, and virtuosic abandon.”
- The Baltimore Sun

“It’s not often that a new artist, particularly a violinist, make such a stunningly original debut….poised and clear virtuosity.”
- L.A. Village View

“Unlike most recording artists, Bachmann can actually simulate the perfection of a recording in an inspired live performance. Her playing was absolutely flawless: consistent note accuracy with incredible intonation, and no rough edges to her sound...she is one of the finest recitalists today.”
- New York Concert Review

“In the Corigliano Red Violin Concerto, Bachmann nailed the work which is a sort of demonstration of everything and anything the violin can do.”
- Omaha World Herald

“Bachmann has a vivid imagination and subtle ear...
a real musical protagonist.”
- Richmond Times- Dispatch

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